Song and Rhyme Answers to Children's Everyday Questions

by The New Harmony

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Recorded by Wyatt Oberholzer in Philadelphia, PA
Mastered by Eric Muth
Art by lil chris
Photos by Anne Spina


released July 26, 2017



all rights reserved


The New Harmony Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey


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Track Name: The Dance of Kevin McCallister
Drive your car (I can't sleep)
Off a cliff (I have dreams)
Gouge your eyes
With the glass
I asked you for help.

I can't sleep
I still dream

It's getting dark
Now I can't see
You have no eyes
So follow me

Me and you alone
Entirely gripped to your will
Just let it take hold
I'm trying to let go

We play a game
The loser dies

Forgot your wings
Hope your car flies.
Track Name: The Death of the Family Dog
Smash the glass
Against concrete
Shattered and broken
Why does false hope return
Do you know how this feels
What will it take?

The pain is sharp
Am I alive?

The pain is sharp
This is not love
I'm going numb
Less than whole
Am I alive?
Without feeling?

This has killed me before
I can't control myself.
I'm going fucking crazy

Say something
Fix what you've done to break me
Track Name: Repent, the End is Extremely Fucking Nigh
Using brainless motion to cope
With what you’re too afraid to say
The rest is silence
My mind left my body
But not once invited you to stay
You’re etched in my skin

The mask you live in
Can’t hide your dead eyes
My body is broken
But you pay no price
Take solace in the fact that
Most slip into silence
As soundless screams invade
Already deafened ears

In that single moment
Time slows to a crawl
Fall into a nightmare
Defy attempts of persuasion
In this world
Hope is removed

Doubt. Suspicion. Liar.

You manipulated
Making me feel the truth
Is hallucination
The battle within your own mind
Will be replayed

A haunting pain over shadowed by the purest hate.
Try to hold onto my sanity.
But it slips through my fingers like sand (slips through my fingers like sand)
Silence gripping cold nightmares
You’re etched in my skin.
(Slips through my fingers like sand)
Track Name: I Hate This Camp (Take Your Money and Send Me Home)
False hierarchy of man
Held up by those who suffer
Their bodies make up your throne
Their blood is on your hands

Feign ignorance
Deny Accountability
For the murder of millions
Led to believe
That the lives of others
Are less important than yours